Parking, Congestion and Pollution in Iver Village


There has been a long history of parking problems on Iver High Street. Mostly this is because there is a lack of parking space on the High street and so the pavements have been deployed for people coming into the village for appointments, for shopping, and visiting estate agents and residents.

The law in relation to this is confusing because parking on pavements is not illegal once the car is on the pavement, but it is not legal to drive up onto the pavement!

We had some meetings with local residents concerned about the chaotic parking and these were the problems that were raised about Pavement Parking:

  • It makes it difficult for people with disabilities to use the pavements.
  • Mobility bikes can be blocked
  • The visually impaired cannot see the unexpected cars and have to walk on areas of the pavement that are not properly paved and concreted
  • Parents with buggies cannot get past easily, sometimes the pavements are completely blocked by vans, lorries, SUV’s and cars.
  • Business owners and residents use the spaces around the clocktower shops (often parking there all day) which means that customers cannot access these spaces for short term stop offs.


A huge number of large lorries travel through the High street, some of them are vast and there is no room for them to pass each other particularly when the pavements and road sides have cars and vans etc. parking on them.

This means traffic jams occur and that increases the exhaust fumes: Idling vehicles create CO2 pollution.

Pre the Covid 19 crisis the level of pollution on Iver High street was measured as dangerously high. It was flagged up by the Secretary of State for the Environment: Bucks County Council have a duty to deal with this but they have not yet produced any effective proposals.

Looking Ahead

There has been some welcome relief from the parking problems, congestion and pollution during the Covid lockdown but as the Lockdown is reduced the congestion and parking problems will return.

Actually, these problems are likely to get worse because there will be a major building project starting on the High Street soon, a block of flats will be built on the opposite side to the Parish Council Building.

In recent years Iver High Street has become busier as successful businesses have opened, such as coffee shops, hair-dressers, nail parlors, eye beauty treatments, tanning parlors, etc. All of these bring in customers who may need parking during their appointments.

There are proposals for a lot of house building to take place in Iver, between the Village and Richings Park, so Iver High street is likely to get busier and more developed.

Some Background

In the past there was a proposal to introduce visitor parking zones and residential spaces into the High Street but it was not well promoted and the District Council will only do this if there is a majority vote in favor by local residents … but at that time the locals did not support the plan.

Recently the Iver Village Residents Committee has established that pollution and traffic congestion are the top concerns of local residents (link to Sams report)

The local council has not been very helpful but the Chair of IVRA has been working hard to try to seek solutions to these long term serious problems.

Ways Forward

IVRA has come up with a proposal to introduce a one-way system for lorries in all of the Iver Villages, this would reduce congestion and pollution. This is proposal is supported by all 3 of the local residents’ associations (Iver Village, Iver Heath and Richings Park) and is being pushed forward.

The longer term future of Iver Village is being reviewed by a new local forum who are developing a counter proposal in relation to the proposal by Slough to build hundreds of new houses in Iver. This plan will incorporate the parking as an issue.

IVRA will continue to try to get Bucks CC to address the serious parking and pollution issues on the High Street. We want Bucks CC to:

  •  Stop pavement parking by providing alternative parking spaces for visitors and shoppers;
  •  Put in a parking system that is similar to the one in Gerrards Cross;
  • Improve pavements and the safety of residents walking up and down the High Street;
  • Address the toxic pollution in the Village by reducing congestion and HGV traffic.
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