IVRA News August 2020

We have now completed our first year and we are planning how we can have our AGM; I will get back to you on this. It has been an interesting year and as an organisation we have learnt a lot and will make some significant changes going ahead.  One big regret is that we have been appalling in our communications with you all as our members. We have had several data base issues, but we just need to put our hands up and say sorry, so, I am sorry, and I promise that we will fix this in the year ahead.  As an organisation we just need to note that we are 43 years behind the Richings’ Park Association and several years behind Iver Heath Association, so our learning curve has been steep, but we have learnt, which is good.

Over the last year we have;

  • Responded quickly and on-time to the Air Quality Area Plan report
  • Initiated small working Groups on Pavement parking and Pollution
  • Represented the Village on several Groups, such as The Local Area Forum, Police liaison and Heathrow Airport Community engagement
  • We have responded to several Planning Applications which we believe would harm the Village
  • We have met with Bucks Council to discuss Village Parking etc
  • Created a Survey for our Members on what you want us to focus on.  The Results of this we will put on our new Website

More recently we have been heavily involved in finding Volunteers and supporting Iver Parish Council in the Covid-19 Support Line. We want to express our very grateful thanks to all those of you who supported this and the initiatives of others during this difficult time. We have had enormous success in getting a grant to produce the “Emotions, Children and You” support pack for All families across the Ivers’.

We are also currently heavily involved with Iver Parish Council in developing the Local Plan for the future of the Ivers’ in relation to planning and development. We are forming a Village Team to respond from a Village perspective, and we are looking for Volunteers to join us in this. It will be an on-line commitment supported by the Parish Council which will allow us to have our say in the future. Please contact me at Chairperson@ivervillagertesidents.co.uk if you would like to be involved.

Going forward, we have decided not to ask you for fees this year, as we have enough funds in our account. We are launching our new Website and we will with your help, improve our communications.  https://ivervillageresidents.co.uk/

We are looking for new Committee members, especially from young families and adults, so please feel free to get involved or ask others. We are always open to new members and would encourage you all to help us build our membership.

Keep Safe and let us all focus on a positive year ahead for our whole community.

Chairperson – IVRA

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