IVRA Covid-19 Project


IVRA has been funded by Bucks CC to produce and distribute a package for local families who have young children, aged between 4-11. It has been put together to offer help for parents and children during the challenges that all of us face because of the Covid 19 pandemic. The focus is on children’s emotions and how to understand, support and talk about emotions with them. 

IVRA worked with a service called The Owl Therapy Centre who have expertise in supporting children, schools and parents. 

The pack will provide

  • A set of cards called ZONES; The cards are widely used in primary schools and by support staff working with children such as speech and language therapists. The cards describe different emotional states and suggestions about how to help children find ways to moderate and adjust when they feel withdrawn or actively distressed and upset. The aim is to support emotional self-regulation.
  • An illustrated story book, ‘Bot Bot the Robot finds his feelings’, created by Owl Therapy which features a robot to explore different emotions and supports these various feeling states as part of normal emotional life.
  • Another illustrated book, “Bot Bot: Corona virus confusion story” , which looks at  the worries that children may have about Covid 19 and about how parents and children can share this. 

The pack is completely free and is available to you to collect, take home, use and keep.

You can pick your pack up from the following places over the next few weeks;

  1. Our School Office – Times
  2. From the Community Libraries in Iver Village and Iver Heath
  3. From Iver Parish Council Office Front Desk- Monday to Friday – 10-3

Or by mailing chairperson@ivervillageresidents.co.uk  to arrange a collection 

will be available to all families with children aged 4- 11 residing in the Ivers.

We have looked at advice for parents offered by various organisations on websites. Bardardos have a really helpful website which talks about emotional health & staying healthy and also suggests various activities:

The website is: www.barnardos.org.uk; then click on SEE, HEAR, RESPOND SUPPORT HUB

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