Chairperson’s Welcome

You are very welcome to the Iver Village Residents’ Association website. There are so many challenges and opportunities facing Iver Village and so we have formed the Association with a view to make Iver Village a “great place to live”.

Our challenges are many and varied and come from all corners:

  • Our Village is polluted by excessive traffic and under DEFRA standards it is deemed to be at dangerous levels. We are working alongside others to explore ways to improve our air quality and we have a group working on this.
  • We are under considerable threat from Heathrow Airport, which poses threats not just to our environment but also to our health. The proposals for new flight paths directly over Iver, both day and night are horrendous. This threat may have reduced over recent months, but we still need to be vigilant and protest any plans
  • We are under the threat of too many planning permissions being granted in and around the village. Whilst we must all support the need for increased housing provision, the Buckinghamshire proposed plan wishes to build most of its target for new houses in South Bucks, with Iver suffering the most. This comes at a time when we have reduced provision in all aspects of social care, education and leisure and library services. We are involved with Iver Parish Council assisting in drawing up a plan for the whole of Iver Parish, which will help us to protect the area from too much development.

There are many other issues and it is maybe a little too overwhelming to list all of them.

We do also have some great opportunities:

  • We can come together as a Village to ensure that we respect our environment and “green up” the area.
  • We can apply for grants for community amenities, especially for young people.
  • We can make our pavements safe for all, by stopping pavement parking.
  • We can explore different ways to care for each other and our community.
  • We can involve ourselves in local committees and interest groups, ensuring that Iver Village has a strong “Voice”
  • We can constantly challenge Buckinghamshire Council to stop using South Bucks as their dumping ground.

We have also formed different interest groups, the details of which you will find on the site, please feel free to get involved!

Our Village Community has recently , since the start of the Covid 19 Pandemic, certainly showed how wonderfully supportive and caring we are with our members giving out leaflets to hundreds of homes advising about the Covid 19 Sup[port  line, volunteering to answer the calls , distributing food parcels and picking up prescriptions for the elderly amongst many things. The response for food donations was amazing as too was the support for hot meals collections and delivery. Well done all!

Finally, I would ask you to spread the news and grow our numbers. We have had a brilliant start since we formed in July 2019 and we will go from strength to strength together.

Help us all to make Iver Village “a great place to live”- Get involved, you are both welcome and needed to help spread the load!

Ciarán Beary

Iver Village Residents’ Association

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