About IVRA

Our Vision

Our vision is to make Iver Village a “great place to live”- We can assist in achieving this through creating a Village environment that is welcoming , environmentally positive and enjoyed by all and accessible to all within and outside of Iver

Our Mission

Our Mission is to advocate for Iver Village and its people to create a safe, pleasant and community focused environment in and around the Village of Iver.

We will achieve this by:

  • Forming Focus Groups to explore issues and plans that affect the village
  • Representing the views of the Village at various meetings and forums
  • Joining with other campaigning groups to help improve our environment
  • Stimulating positive community focused behaviors and actions from all within the Village
  • Educating and stimulating debate about positive Village Life and support structures for all

Our Values

  • We Value
  • Inclusiveness – all are welcome and all are represented by IVRA
  • Respect – we will always have respectful and positive conversations
  • Care – We will care for and support each other in our endeavors
  • Win/ Win – We will always aim to create win /win solutions avoiding the negativity of aggressive debate
  • Partnerships – we aim to form positive partnerships with other groups and organizations to be mutually supportive in all our goals
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